“1 out of 440″ is a participative installation project. 440 original analog handpulled photoprints are disposed on a 250x210cm wall. This artwork is not for sale, but for free. The rules are simple. Anybody who wishes to take one of the pictures is allowed to do so. "Take and reappropriate". I invite people taking these photographs to send me back a picture of their use of it on For the closing evening i plan to place the photograph i received during the time of the exhibition into the empty places.

1out of 440, is a participative project, 2015.
installation of 440 analog prints on agfa paper.
“1 out of 440″ at PicturaRadiolenk, Konkordienplatz (Li 4/9 Oschatzerstr., Li 13 Bürgerstr.), Dresden. 13.03-14.04.2015